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nlp courses in india
nlp courses in india
nlp courses in india
nlp courses in india
Humans are Transhuman already

TransHuman Consulting For NLP Training in India

Unleashing the Human Potential

An Overview

Hello. I am Paritosh Sharan, founder of TransHuman Consulting, which is a leading consultant firm for finding best NLP training in India. I created TransHuman Consulting with one single aim in mind, to “help people help themselves” in transforming their lives. At TransHuman Consulting, we enable our clients to become the best possible version of themselves, in professional as well as personal sphere of human existence. We are delivered best NLP training in Mumbai, India And we have been quite successful in achieving this mission. Ask some of the India’s most reputed MNC’s like HCL Technologies, TATA Steel, Satyam computers, Oracle Corporation, Tech Mahindra who speak highly of our NLP training programs and NLP Certification India. Not to mention the countless individuals benefited from our consulting and coaching services. The list is expanding and so is our presence. Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon and many more, if the question is of best NLP training in India, Mumbai and finest NLP courses in Mumbai India, TransHuman Consulting is your one stop shop. Nowadays most of the people looking for NLP training in Mumbai for changing in their life style and get NLP certfication in Mumbai and all over India.

We believe that transformation of an organisation is only possible through transformation of all of its stakeholders,right from every manager, down to every executive. It isby unleashing the hidden potential of individuals by the power of Neuro-Linguistic programming, that we truly unleash the possibilities that otherwise lie dormantin an organisation.

Every single intervention of ours, be it, Personal Growth Initiative, Leadership Development, Coaching or OD Intervention, executive coaching starts with an explorative inward journey, eliminating negative habits and behavioural patterns and thereafter building inner alignment and congruency to achieve the desired outcome in the outer world.

The TransHuman Consulting Value System

Integrity and Trust: When it comes to NLP training in Delhi, India, We "Walk the Talk". The unflinching trust, faith and goodwill of our clients is a result of our commitment in delivering the best courses

Straightforward and Transparent: We believe in providing unambiguous, explicit and honest opinion to our clients, enabling them to become a better version of themselves

Resolution: Having courage to pin point the pain areas and not eluding the negative aspects unearthed during consultation

Customer Centricity: Delivering tailor-made courses which are created keeping in mind the needs of the target audience

Quality Beyond Industry Standards: Ensuring that all our courses and offerings are based on the latest developments in the field of NLP

Our Presence

TransHuman Consulting has a pan India presence, providing NLP coaching, NLP Certification in Mumbai India and NLP training in India & NLP certification courses in various cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgoan, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc.

Our Offerings

Transhuman consulting excels in providing NLP certification courses in India and mumbai and seminars that emphasize on learning the behavioural pattern of an individual and using that knowledge to create powerful, positive and sustainable changes in the individual’s life.

We help transform an individual and organization by our customized NLP offerings in the form of coaching and consultation sessions. NLP corporate training or coaching at Transhuman Consulting provides you free workshop and practical training sessions with DVD. Transhuman consulting prides itself in being attached to and certified by ANLP (Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming) India and ECNLP(European Community For Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Transhuman Consulting designs various NLP certification courses in India or NLP training in Delhi and mumbai session that helps professionals, entrepreneurs or home-makers alike,in getting success in life and achieve desired outcome in every sphere of life.

Mr. Parsitosh Saran – The Enchanter

Paritosh Saran is India's reputed and best NLP Trainer which is providing NLP training in India and having 22+ years of experience. He provides certified nlp practitioner courses in all major cities of India. His uniquely designed certified nlp practitioner courses india can be easily taught to anyone with zero exposure to NLP and its methodologies with NLP training and certified nlp practitioner courses india.

Mr. Paritosh Saran is also associated with ANLP India, which has rated him as India's top trainer in NLP. An NLP practitioner certification course, which is developed by Paritosh Saran, explains how one can change his/her life simply by changing the thinking and behaviour. Transhuman consulting has established itself as a leading consultant in NLP and the credit goes to Mr Saran who has made available NLP courses and services at affordable cost in India, within the budget of the common man. Our nlp certification cost in india is very affordable.

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NLP Training in Mumbai, India, Consulting & Counselling.

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Transhuman advantages

Transhuman consulting has certified by many international accepted certificates such as ANLP INDIA, ECNLP(European Community For Neuro Linguistic Programming), International Federation for Coaching & NLP training in India and more. Our NLP trainers are expert and certified in NLP training in Mumbai, Delhi and Certification courses in India from International organization.
We are Transhuman Consulting and provide NLP Training in India by Expert. Our NLP Training in Gurgoan programs has organized in very easy way to understand by anyone and we focused on resolve the problem of life. Our Trainers provide their services in many cities of India such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai and more..
NLP Certification Courses in India at Transhuman Consulting is available at very affordable budget. We believe in result and spread information about NLP, so we offer our certification courses in NLP at very low budget. Most of people get certified in NLP at Transhuman Consulting by our Experienced NLP Trainer in Mumbai India.
Our innovative and diversified range of programs in NLP training in India and consulting services are designed and delivered by a team of full time consultants experienced in providing solutions relevant to this part of the world and most importantly tailored for the clients need.

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We work in corporation with international organisations including.

NLP Training in IndiaNLP Training in IndiaNLP Training in IndiaNLP Training in India

TransHuman Consulting is an upcoming name in the field of Transformative Interventions both for an individual as well as for the organisations. The Holistic and Humanistic approach is fundamental to e...