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TransHuman Consulting | Unleashing Human Potential

Welcome To TransHuman Consulting

Unleashing the Human Potential

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is designed to help facilitate professional and personal ….[more]

Life Coaching

Do you ever feel “stuck”? Are there things you wish you could change….[more]

Transition Coaching

Are you in the midst of a challenging transition currently at individual….[More]

NLP For Excellence

We often see that some people become extremely successful and….[More]

Leadership Coaching

Today we face Leadership deficit in all most every walk of life In this rapidly changing world….[More]

Organisation Development Facilitation

Organisation Development (OD) refers to the way …[More]

Assessment Center

What is assessment Centre and how it could benefit an Organisation and ….[More]


The Neuro Leadership Program aims at highlights some of the key brain insights relating to leadership.  …[More]


About Us

TransHuman Consulting is a Training and Consulting Service provider company, founded by Paritosh Sharan, an Executive Coach and an OD Consultant. TransHuman Consulting partner with Individuals and Organisations together in their transformational journey and help them unleashing their inner potential so that they could achieve their desired outcome. Our purpose is to develop and support values-based visionary leadership in all fields of human endeavour.


Our innovative and diversified range of training programs and consulting services are designed and delivered by a team of full time consultants experienced in providing solutions relevant to this part of the world and most importantly tailored for the clients need.


  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Organisational Development
  • Assessment Center
  • Leadership Development
  • NeuroLeadership Programs
  • NLP Certifications
  • Life Coaching and Counselling


  • Paritosh has been involved with us in some of the initiatives for Organizational and Leadership Development. He has remarkable passion for the work he deos. His intervention helped us get some very critical and extremely valuable insights. I am using his inputs to design our strategy for the leadership development in the organization. The biggest strengths which he comes with is the ability to bring new ideas on the table which are beyond the text books. I would highly recommend him for such initiatives.

    – Devesh Sinha, President , ESSPL

  • Paritosh is resourceful, knowledgeable and analytical. He has a great ability to facilitate and bring clarity to our discussions. He has been bringing his experiences from diverse fields to bring clarity to my thoughts and enhance my ability to make the right choices. His depth of knowledge about human psychology and various healing methods is impressive. He has been a great guide.

    - Bhushan Desai, Director ,  Praendex Management Resources Pvt. Ltd.

  • I have seen Paritosh from close quarters in providing coaching & guidance to people in difficult situations and helping them find the right path and higher meaning. Personally I have been a beneficiary too of his insights and help achieving clarity and and rate him very highly as a facilitator, mentor and coach.

    – Saurabh Arvind, AVP and Head, Project Management Excellence at Tech Mahindra.

  • I had contacted Paritosh when I was in dire state due to several Personal and professional issues compounded by major health issue with on hope. The way he Coached me and guided me sailing through every hurdle, life is no more the same . My association has been there for more than four years now, and he has been a constant source of inspiration for me and my family. He is not only he an excellent Coach and a mentor , but also a genuine human being out there to serve humanity . To those seeking such help and guidance, I would always recommend Paritosh.

    – Nrusimha Rao, SFO, USA

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