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We take proud in in our Holistic and Humanistic Approach , an inside-out journey for almost all of our interventions, be it Personal Growth Intervention, Coaching, Leadership Development or OD Interventions. This make our interventions unique and quite a departure from the traditional approaches, as in most of the cases traditional approaches have failed to deliver the intended outcome.

Our approach is based on the ageless wisdom from east infused with the insights and finding of the latest research in the field of Human Behaviours in the west. This include the Human Process Work, Art and Science of NLP and New findings in the world of Neurosciences, giving rise to modern stream of modalities/interventions such as Brain based Coaching and Neuroleadership.

Our innovative and diversified range of training programs/workshops and consulting services are designed and delivered by a team of full time consultants experienced in providing solutions relevant to this part of the world and most importantly tailored for the clients need.

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TransHuman Consulting is an upcoming name in the field of Transformative Interventions both for an individual as well as for the organisations. The Holistic and Humanistic approach is fundamental to e...