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  • It’s been a transformational experience for me to have met Paritosh Sharan through an NLP workshop. At different stages of our lives, we all go through radical questioning. And sometimes, books may not provide the answers that we are looking for. In such times, it’s great to meet a mentor who can exactly understand and take you forward in that journey to explore and understand self. Paritosh has been such a guru who has been on that journey himself and guides you with great understanding and extraordinary vision. His immense knowledge and vast experience about all related subjects along with healing - is something that everybody should experience. Paritosh’s personal essence to NLP changed a lot of my perceptions and drastically changed my approach towards dealing with life situations. Creating a powerful mind has become a possibility for me…thanks to the treasure of mind tools that I get from him continuously.

    Rating: Anila Sinha Sharma (Life and Spiritual Coach ) Posted On: 2017-03-31 05:03:34

  • Wisdom-full is one thing which comes to me when I think about Paritosh. He carries charisma to convert any complex situation to easygoing by putting in right action through multiple means. A great Coach, Mentor, Friend and Human being who can easily bring best of any situation. His grip on subjects is marvelous and make him perfect blend of Intelligence, Health and Spirituality. As a coach of NLP to me, he has opened new ways of taking life and empowered to bring best of every situation.

    Rating: Anil Kumar Goel (Assistant Vice President at Aricent, Gurgaon) Posted On: 2017-03-20 12:03:56

  • Knowledgeable, Dependable, Authentic, Compassionate, Evolved, Analytical, Passionate, Thoughtful are few words that summarizes Paritosh. Paritosh's past corporate experience, strong command over NLP and behavioural sciences, openness for learning, coupled with passion for transforming people's life, makes him an asset to the world of coaching. Besides, Paritosh is an wonderful human being with contagious positivity. I wish him the very best

    Rating: Dr. Uttara Pattanaik (Executive and Leadership Coach, Leadership and Strategy Consultant - Healthcare ) Posted On: 2016-11-26 02:11:37

  • Paritosh has been involved with us in some of the initiatives for Organizational and Leadership Development. He has remarkable passion for the work he deos. His intervention helped us get some very critical and extremely valuable insights. I am using his inputs to design our strategy for the leadership development in the organization. The biggest strengths which he comes with is the ability to bring new ideas on the table which are beyond the text books. I would highly recommend him for such initiatives.

    Rating: Devesh Sinha (President ESSPL) Posted On: 2016-11-26 02:11:34

  • Paritosh has given me a new perspective with NLP. His knowledge on the subject and its application is immense. He is analytical and detailed in his approach, a quality that helps him really understand client issues and perspectives. He is also a good listener. I highly recommend him as a trainer and a coach. He brings in diverse perspectives during his workshops and that adds to the understanding of the subject at hand.

    Rating: Bhushan Desai (Director - Praendex Management Resources (Partner of The Predictive Index)) Posted On: 2016-11-26 02:11:14

  • We had a PI workshop at Firefly Creative Studio Pvt. Ltd. with Paritosh which lasted for a week. What struck me at the very outset was with what ease and what genuine depth he connected not only with the entire team and with each one of us as individuals but the fact that he made us get in touch with each other as team members. Through the PI program, he gave us an insight into some very interesting concepts which helped us connect to each other at a whole new level. The entire workshop progressed with such ease that he didn't seem to train anyone formally. By the end of just one week, we saw in him an excellent trainer for PI; a mentor and guide for the entire company; especially the HR team. We continue to benefit from his invaluable inputs; his consistent follow-up and his guidance till date. Professionally and personally, as someone who is in the field of Human Resources, I feel thankful that I got to meet Paritosh at the right time in my career. He is one of the best people and one of the best professionals that I have had pleasure of being acquainted with

    Rating: Keerthika Rajaram (Keerthika Rajaram HR Manager @ Firefly Creative Studio Pvt Ltd) Posted On: 2016-11-26 02:11:37

  • Paritosh is an excellent trainer and more importantly a wonderful person. His experience and knowledge speaks for itself. Its an amazing joy be around him and he can add value to you by listening to him and when he listens to you. He has an in-depth knowledge of NLP and Coaching and I recommend him to all who are looking to learn, create vision and reach their goals.

    Rating: Prathik Therambil Prasannan ( Sr HR Executive at Axxon HR Solutions) Posted On: 2016-11-26 02:11:11

  • I have done my NLP practitioner training under Paritosh and his dexterity in NLP has provided me a great insight about NLP as a practice. He is quite proficient in articulating the concept of NLP to his attendees in a simple informal manner to help understand the subject of NLP. His insight into the topics help us relate to the NLP concepts in a strong and effective manner. It is a rewarding experience to apply in your day to day life and leverage on the benefits in your daily chores. Wish you all the very best Paritosh. ”

    Rating: Phanisri Konte (HR Generalist at Halcyon Technologies) Posted On: 2016-11-26 02:11:08

  • Paritosh is a excellent coach and brings NLP and ontology experience to table. His conversations with me have been very empowering and helpful in identification of challenge and possible ways of dealing with these. He makes you believe & experience that all the solutions are available with us and facilitates empowerment by asking right questions and sharing a perspective about same. While conversing with him, I realised my patterns and being available to these patterns gave me freedom to deal with these and go beyond the challenge. I also realized that his amazing attitude of helping and making coachee empowered takes the person to next level. Highly recommend to engage him as coach at Senior and middle management level.

    Rating: Pankaj Gupta (GM HR at Ericsson India Ltd) Posted On: 2016-11-26 02:11:16

  • Paritosh has created the right pitch in me to help being aware of the self and improving over and over. The training during the NLP Practitioner Program at Bangalore, the coverage was not only for the learning NLP but also took me to the aspects...

    Rating: Sunil Madathil Nair (Lead - Business Fulfilment at Tata Consultancy Services) Posted On: 2016-11-26 11:11:10

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