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P V Krishna Rao

P V Krishna Rao

Krishna/Krish as he is popularly known as, is a astute HR professional with over 25 years of experience with diverse industry segments such as, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Engineering, Financial Services, Education, worked with some of the Global Fortune top 100 companies such as AstraZeneca, Chevron, Mylan, bedsides some of the leading Indian companies such as Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Ashok Leyland and Karvy Consultants. Has been in the role of CHRO since 2006 in organizations such as Chevron (managed HR for India & Sri Lanka, besides being OD Champion for SE Asia), Mylan (managed India & China). Had the opportunity to deal with complete value chain of HR.

Some of the commendable work has been leading the HR part of India Growth Project in 2006 at Chevron, later in 2010 led the India Exit project, it was the divestment and closure of the all the business in India and severance of all employees. Had the opportunity to deliver a comprehensive Talent Development process at AstraZeneca for its manufacturing and sales & marketing divisions, which consisted of designing competency framework, assessment & development center, individual development & career plans and effective performance management process. Way back in 1998, started the learning center at Dr Reddy’s laboratories and developed several long term employee capability building programs, an approach which was way ahead of its time.

Krishna’s core strengths are helping organization’s develop long term plan for their talent or you can also say Strategic Planning, creating performance driven organization, improving employee engagement, Auditing of HR processes and highlighting gaps, developing productive and result based HR processes for Talent Acquisition/ Development/ Management, Leadership Development & Succession Planning, creating self led teams, training, coaching & mentoring, besides all the above soft areas, he has expertise in Designing Effective Compensation & Benefits plans and Governance Processes.

If your organization is experiencing the half-life crisis (the growth has either plateaued or sinking), collectively you must take a brief pause and visualize your future, what in other words is known as Organizational Renewal process, this is process Krishna leads with his expertise in T Group/ Sensitivity training along with his organization transformation experience in changing the course of every individual’s organizational journey. Sometimes this may be necessary just when you are climbing the growth slope to predict the future. This requires a through diagnosis, need to articulate the unarticulated, visualize the invisible, and enact the withheld. “One size fit all” does not work here.

A graduate in Indian philosophy from Ramakrishna Mission’s Vivekananda College Chennai and master degree in HR from Tamil Nadu Institute of Labour studies. He is certified in OPQ by SHL, Predictive Index by Prandex (USA). Worked closely with HR Guru’s like Prof TV Rao, Prof Ramanarayan, on strategic HR initiatives. Krishna also has to his credit as one of the early starters (in 1991 – 92) of Experiential Learning thru Outward Bound exercises; he had conducted several programs for few leading corporates in Chennai. Also made a presentation on this topic at NHRD Kolkotta Conference in 1994. Travelled extensively in Asia Pacific, Europe and USA, led HR teams in India, Sri Lanka, China and Singapore.

Highly process driven, value, principle-centered person, worked in corporate environment where integrity and values superseded everything. Never compromises on respect for individuals, respects diversity and remains non judgmental. Krishna diverse industry experience helps him think in different ways or as one calls it out of box.


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