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OD Consulting

Organisation Development (OD) refers to the various ways and procedures to increase the productivity and effectiveness of an organisation. It includes the various techniques which help the employees as well as the organization adjust to changing circumstances in a better way.Organisation Development (OD) is both the field of applied behavioural science focused on understanding and managing organisational change to increase an organisation’s effectiveness and viability.

In Transhuman we believe that Organisations, made of people, are as much a living entity as an individual is it has its own collective mind, body and spirit. Similar to an individual’s capability, Organisations capability too is based on inner coherency and synergy. Just like an Individual agility to respond to various situation in life, an Organisation’s effective is seen in it’s ability to respond to various business scenario in the market place. This agility and resilience comes from internal synergies within and in between the individuals in an organisation. Hence its critical that any Organisation Development initiative must be designed to build synergy at all levels ,Organisation, Group, Team and Individual.

There is no one fixed solution that fits all the all the organisation, however to deliver a sustainable environment for performance there are a number of organisational development and design elements that may be relevant to delivering the performance outcomes required.

Transhuman Consulting OD Practitioners get involved in any number of intervention including; organisation diagnostic, evaluation, strategic thinking, culture change, change management, coaching, mentoring, leadership development, team building, organisational design, evaluation, performance management, talent management, HR processes, learning and development, sales effectiveness, and customer services as part of a holistic OD intervention.

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