Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Why to Train the trainer?

One of the most important aspect that one cannot ignore in their organization is the efficacy of its Trainers. For an established trainer not only inculcates positive behavioural changes but at the same time reinforces the agenda of the training programme.

Clearly, a Trainer’s competency, should not be and could not be compromised.

Our Train the Trainer Program brings the unique Neuro Linguistic Programming methodology, thereby providing the trainer with the much necessary edge over the “traditional and outdated” training practices.

Who Can attend?

This program has been designed to help both the beginners as well as established trainers.

So whether you are an amateur, who is just starting to step in the training industry, or are an experienced professional,

looking to further enhance your brand image, our Train the trainer programme is the just the right course for you.

If creating a highly interactive environment, delivering power packed seminars, reinforce learning and stimulating engagement are on your list of agenda, look no further, you have come to the right place.

What to expect?

A trainer attending our unique train the trainer session can expect to achieve the following :

  • Asses the learning needs of the audience
  • Create training programmes, specially designed ass per client needs
  • Deliver high-impact sessionsInculcate positive behavioural changes in participants
  • Empowering your clients and creating better brand value for yourself
  • Polish your skills and learn new ones via NLP
  • Prepare effective training material
  • Bring the best out of your clientele
  • Initiate and improve participation right from start of the session And much more…

In a nutshell, this program has been created to turn trainers into top-notch facilitators. The trainers learn the difference between conscious and sub-conscious levels and gain the understanding of individual behavioural differences, by the help of neuro linguistic programming.

With Neuro Linguistic Programming!

While a good trainer should be good at creating involvement, the “best” trainer is one who coaches the participants through the exercises that help deliver the training agenda. However given the different levels of audience’s interest, it is easier said the done.

What most trainers fail to grasp is that trying to deliver a “one-size-fits-all” session is like scratching the surface of the problem. And that’s where Neuro Linguistic Programming comes to the rescue. As with the sword of NLP you start to distinguish between different levels of consciousness of the audience and begin to deliver your message in a whole different manner. So, instead of simply seeing the tip of an ice berg, you go the Root Cause of the problem.

Whether a participant is a shy, resistant, or just plain difficult, we know how to bring out their best and create a successful group effort.

Adapting a training programme to trainees needs, acting towards reaching the training agenda, using methods of leading discussion and being an influential coach, all these and much more can be achieved by our train-the-trainer program.