NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

TransHuman Consulting in conjunction with ANLP India presents a fast track 5-Day NLP Practitioner Certification Program . This Program enables the Participants to learn the Basics of NLP and equip themselves with Important NLP Techniques so that the can apply it for self development and also help then do interventions for others .

Who benefits from NLP Practitioner Program?

Anyone who enjoys Personal and/or Professional Development Because NLP automatically equips us with tools to rejig patterns of behaviour and belief to forms which serve us better, it is a great discipline for development of any kind.

  • Managers – NLP is invaluable in team development and motivation.
  • Leaders – Powerful in crafting well-formed outcomes and strategies to lead and inspire others.
  • HR Professionals – The use of NLP can motivate existing staff and help to recruit the right people to the right posts.
  • Senior Managers – A powerful aid in negotiation, procurement and strategic Planning.
  • Trainers – Learn to train at an unconscious and conscious level & match the learning needs & styles of your delegates.
  • Coaches – Create and maintain optimum performance and desired changes.
  • Therapists / Counsellors – Enable your clients to take charge of and influence their desired states, move out of unhelpful patterns.
  • Communicators at all levels – NLP is extremely useful in mass communication and marketing campaigns.
  • Executives / Managers – Forms the basis for Brain Based Management, such as NeroLeadership helps understand Self and People and their Behaviour and Motivational requirements

What will I learn in 5-Day NLP Practitioner Program?

The program is of 20 sessions (4 per day) full of highly useful and practical NLP skills to enrich your life immediately. Following are some of the topics covered in five days:


  • Empowering beliefs that will alter your life
  • The communication model that lets you see situations for what they really are
  • GOALS – the foundation of achievement
  • How to set goals and achieve them to achieve success in all areas of life
  • How to help others to do the same
  • RAPPORT – the foundation of influence
  • Learn the facts about body language
  • Learn how to use your voice to gain rapport, even on the phone
  • How to disagree and yet keep rapport
  • REPRESENTATIONAL SYSTEMS– using our 5 senses
  • Find out how we internally code our experience of the world
  • Use this language to transform your ability to communicate with others
  • How to tell HOW someone is thinking just by watching their eyes
  • SUB-MODALITIES – making your brain really work for you
  • How to change unwanted beliefs, habits and feelings, including eating certain foods
  • How to alter the meaning you place on things and events
  • Learn how to permanently remove phobias
  • LANGUAGE PATTERNS – being focused with words
  • Learn how to use presuppositions to impact on someone’s experience
  • Learn how to listen to everyday language to see how others limit themselves
  • Learn how to ask the questions that can lessen or even solve problems
  • Challenge peoples’ objections gracefully
  • Learn the secrets of the eminent hypnotist Milton Erickson
  • >ANCHORING – the power to feel how you want
  • How to control your feelings at any time
  • Learn how to move people from being stuck to being resourceful in minutes
  • PERCEPTUAL POSITIONS – changing your point of view to achieve better results
  • Learn how to resolve inter-personal and inter-group conflict
  • Discover how to gain invaluable insights about other points of view, to aid decision-making and leadership
  • Learn how to be your own best adviser
  • NLP STRATEGIES – how we do what we do
  • Find out how others make decisions
  • Find out how to mould your sales approach to suit other peoples’ buying strategy
  • Learn how to spot weaknesses in other people’s strategies and improve them
  • NEUROLOGICAL LEVELS – more keys to personal and organizational congruency
  • Align identity, values, beliefs, capabilities, behaviors and environment to produce a com- pelling recipe for success
  • PARTS INTEGRATION– a key to personal congruency
  • Increase personal congruence and enhance energy levels through resolution of internal conflict
  • TIME BASED TECHNIQUE – How mind organises memories on time scale
  • Use time based techniques to resolve an umresourceful state and manage memories
  • Using Time line to set up more motivation future
  • Creating motivation

How will I learn all this in just 5 days?

Our programme is complemented by an exhaustive learning pack that consists of a well designed training manual and learning DVD. The learning DVD consists of fifteen audio CDs covering concepts of NLP and two video DVDs with popular NLP pattern demonstrations. You will receive this kit as soon as you register for the programme. The cost of the program includes the following

  • NLP Practitioner Manual certified by ANLP India
  • Learning DVD. The learning DVD consists of fifteen audio CDs covering concepts of NLP and two video DVDs with popular NLP pattern demonstrations. (Immediately sent to particpants as soon as they register for the NLP Practitioner program.
  • 5-Day Classroom Session of NLP Practitioner (9.00 AM till 5.30 PM) in a comfortable setting inclusive of Tea and Lunch

This easy to learn and fun home learning takes around 25 hours, all of which you do before, during or after the course and at a time to suit YOU, for example whilst driving, relaxing or exercising.

During the formal NLP Training we touch on some of the theory you will already have learned from the pre-study, and update you with any recent techniques. You therefore spend much of the classroom time on practical exercises, “actually getting it in the muscle”. The NLP trainers and the coaching assistants will be there to give you feedback and support to heighten your proficiency. In addition, on the final day you will have the opportunity to integrate all you have learned on the course.

Post Training Support

As an Alumni of TransHuman Consulting, accredited by ANLP India (one of the fastest growing NLP body managed by the Best masters of NLP in the world),You can repeat this NLP Practitioner in India program any number of times by paying small amount towards administration and facility cost. You can repeat this program in any city and carry forward this NLP Certification for higher level Programs as this would be honored and recognized by almost all NLP Trainers verified and certified by ANLP India and many other NLP bodies across the World.

Additional benefits: Regular Meet-up groups with fellow NLP Practitioners and Trainers to exchange ideas, Practice Interventions to deepen the understanding of NLP techniques and skills.

Here are 9 great reasons you should consider TransHuman Consulting NLP Practitioners Program

  • It’s jam-packed with proven techniques, tips, and secrets that have been working right now for thousands of people helping them achieve their goals.
  • It takes you to all aspects of the NLP — from theoretical concept and fundamentals about … to practicing it during the program … to launching your own NLP practitioners professional programs.
  • TransHuman Consulting NLP practitioner program is very practical. You actually “try NLP while your learn” … so by time program finishes you will be confident to break into the training.
  • Our advisors are some of the most respected and successful coach in training Industry. You find a cumulative force of mind experts to guiding you to success in your own journey.
  • There is an entire pre study module, highly experiential and multi-sensory face-to-face training and a dedicated post-program consulting and support.
  • Once you take the program, you become a Tranhuman alumini … and will have opportunity to assist other NLP Practitioner Programs under the guidance of program leaders.
  • Paritosh Sharan’s (the facilitator) reputation is training and coaching is unmatched. 23 years in industry working with giants like Tata steel, Oracle, HCL technologies, Tech Mahindra etc. He is a Certified NLP Trainer, a Behavioural Analyst, a Hypnotherapist, Pranic Psychotherapist and a Landmark Graduate (Ontology).
  • The entire program is designed to help you in your transformative journey. This is why we gave you a lifetime membership to our programs.
  • Even if you’ve absolutely no idea of what NLP is, or you’re at a beginner or intermediate level, you can tremendously benefit from this program.

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