NLP Foundation Program

NLP Foundation Program

NLP for Excellence is a Two-day Workshop designed for people from any walk of life to discover their own resources and utilising the same for achieving excellence in life. Workshop also help in bringing clarity in understanding of self and the larger context in which one has to operate .

We often see that some people become extremely successful and others just manage to survive and complete their responsibilities in job, personal life and in their business. Today we have extreme competition in every sphere of life.To overcome limitations and excel in every sphere of life, achievement, we all strive to better our performance through improvisation of knowledge, skills and application.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a great technology for human excellence, whether personal or business excellence. NLP provides the most effective and user friendly communication model that helps generate the desired outcomes.

John Grinder, a professor of linguistics and Richard Bandler, a graduate student of computer programming and psychology, both at university of Santa Cruise, developed NLP in mid 70’s.After studying people who excelled in various fields, they named the findings, which evolved into technology of excellence as “Neuro Linguistic Programming”. Much of the early NLP was based on the works of Virginia Satir, a family therapist, Fritz Pears, founder of Gestalt therapy, Gregory Bateson, anthropologist and Milton Erickson, psychiatrist and hypnotherapist.

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got, so if you want something different, Do something different ”