NLP for Leadership Development

NLP for Leadership Development

NLP for Leadership Development

Who is a leader?

Even in this age of globalization where our work place denotes an amalgamation of different cultures, a few people think leadership to be synonymous with “Domination”. While at Trans Human Consulting, we share a different view on this topic. We believe leadership to be all about “co-operation”, to be about sharing other’s weight instead of “throwing” one’s weight everywhere.

A leader is one who simply by two most effective tools, Behavior and Communication, is able to control his/her internal as well as external environment. And by putting in order these two, i.e. the stimuli and the reaction to that stimuli, that person becomes fit to lead.

This level of control is only (and easily) possible by way of Neuro Linguistic Programming and its techniques.

Leadership Development – Are Leaders born or can they be made?

Perhaps the most intriguing question of all times. Is there something called a born leader? Or can we take an ordinary Jack or Joe and turn them into a storehouse of leadership qualities?

The answer is both yes and no.

Yes, because there are people who naturally exhibit, what we call the leadership qualities. Their neurological programming is such, which they unconsciously send across message that leave others with no choice but to follow them.

No as well since leadership is simply a bunch of extremely powerful behavioral and interpersonal techniques that can be taught to anyone who is willing to put forth the effort, provided they come from a right trainer.

With the advent of new world and new frontiers, the “techniques” for building these qualities have surely changed, although the “principles” remain the same. And at Trans Human Consulting we believe in delivering the most up to date and proven courses to our clients.

With the help of Neuro Linguistic Programing, any willing individual can be made aware of his/her brain, its functioning and how it impacts the individual’s thoughts and feelings.With better control over their thoughts, feelings and emotions, the individual systematically starts to take charge of his/her life. Once in command, they are fit to lead themselves and in turn others as well.

NLP and Triangle of Leadership Development

Neuro Linguistic Programming at Trans Human Consulting caters to the cause of leadership development by a unique triangular approach. The 3 angles are:

  • First Angle – Recognize the positive characteristics of the client/potential leader and take actions that reinforce those characteristics.
  • Second Angle – Identify the generic constructive leadership qualities that the client is lacking and methodically and steadily inculcate them
  • Third Angle – Isolate the negative behavior/tendencies and replace them with systematically with the productive traits identified above.

Often people are unaware of their own hidden leadership development potential and how this potential remains dormant due to their unconscious choices and behavior. All it needs is a qualified NLP practitioner to activate these latent qualities by way of simple modifications in their language/communication/attitude etc.

This translates into a person who motivates others and creates and works towards an inspiring vision of the organization’s future.