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What is NLP ?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming in an abbreviated form is known as NLP.

Sounds too geeky? Let us break it down for you piece by piece.

Neuro – The Word Neuro in the NLP refers to neurology and the Five senses through which we perceive the world .

Linguistic – Linguistic simply put means language, but language in what sense you may ask? Well, it’s the language of our conscious and unconscious mind;

Programming – The P in the NLP refers programming. Just like computer programming, it is the code to understand how our brain/nervous system functions and create life behavioural patterns both at conscious and unconscious levels.

Putting all these pieces together and we come to understand “What is NLP”!

The Description

Let us elaborate on what we just defined i.e. Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

At Transhuman Consulting, we define NLP as the practice of gaining an insight into an individual’s behavioural and thinking patterns and putting the findings to understand the positive and the negative areas.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming systematically strengthens the positive aspects of one’s behaviour and replaces the negative ones with even more powerful and potent characteristics that are conducive to growth.

This is achieved at Transhuman Consulting by creating new mental maps for our clients, that is completely altering the way they receive, decode and react to external events. And that completely answers the question “What is NLP”, for it is the very methodology to understand, organize and optimize the thinking and behaviour of an individual at the conscious and unconscious levels, so that they achieve the desired results in the field of their choice.

What is NLP, cannot be defined without articulating the difference between the conscious and the unconscious mind. While the conscious mind, or shall we say the conscious YOU is more visible to the outer world, it just is the tip of an ice-berg.

It is the powerful, veiled, unconscious YOU that is the store house of all your

Intentions as well as motivations

Interpretations as well as reactions

Inspirations as well as insights

Needless to say that we pay attention to only the 10% of what constitutes our consciousness i.e. the Outer Conscious part, while the 90% of the invincible unconscious, the “real-go-getter” remain unattended.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming changes that. And how!

We shift the focus to the unconscious mind, and recreate the healthy relationship that one ought to have with his/her own inner self. We teach you the language that brain understands, i.e. neuro, and filter out all the noise that it had been receiving so far (Read: mixed signals, negative self-image etc.) This realignment of sorts starts to work wonders from day 1.

So instead of working “against” you, your brain, both consciously and unconsciously start working “for” you.

And that my dear friends, What NLP is!

Programs offered by Transhuman Consulting

The Following NLP and Applied Programs are offered by TransHuman Consulting for Individuals

  • NLP for Excellence – Two Day Introductory Program
  • NLP Practitioner Program – 5 Days Certification Program
  • NLP Master Practitioner Program– 12 Day Certification Program
  • Trainer of NLP – 14 Days Intense Trainer Program
  • NLP for Educators – 2 Day Programme of NLP for Teachers
  • NLP for Personal Effectiveness – 3 Day NLP Programme for Individuals from all walk of life.
  • NLP for Entrepreneurs – 2 Days Programme for Entrepreneurs
  • NLP Coaching Programme

In-House Programs for Corporates and Institutions

  • Train the Trainer certification Programme – 3 Day Certification Programme for Trainers
  • Employee Engagement through NLP – 2 Days Programme
  • Organizational Effectiveness through NLP – 2 Days Programme
  • Interpersonal Communication excellence through NLP
  • Employee Motivation – 2 Days Programme
  • Building Coaching Culture – Coaching for Managers
  • Caching Skills for Managers
  • Neuro-Leadership Brain Based Coaching Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Why NLP programs are so transformative and effective ?

    If you examine other training and coaching programs they work only at conscious level.

    Now what is the limitation or challenge when you as a trainer or a coach could connect you’re your (adult) participant only at the conscious level?

    You would agree every adult over the years of up bring as accumulated a huge knowledge base. No when you start imparting your knowledge through discussion or experiential learning or whatever….. the adult brain filters the information and only assimilate the information which resonates with the already existing mind maps.

    So the information they receive is filtered. It’s not in its entirety. The mind takes what it wants and repels everything else.

    This happens when you connect with you audience only at the conscious level.

    So NLP helps you to suspend the logical internal mind maps that filter the learning you want to transfer in your participants so that you transfer knowledge at unconscious level.

    NLP empowers you with tools and technique to build instant rapport and agreement with your participant.

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