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Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching Training?

Like all humans, you want something out of your life. Be it some tangible goals like money, cars, medals etc. or intangible ones like happiness, peace, love.Life coaching courses with NLP certification in Delhi, Mumbai is simply the process of helping you achieve those goals. It is the process of creating a vision for your life and then achieving that vision for real.

life coach training in Mumbai is therefore differentiated from traditional coaching and training in the sense that while traditional coaching can target on one or may be two areas of improvement, life coaching is a 360 degree approach to identify a “healthy way” of living and then empowering you with tools and techniques to live life in that “healthy way” on an auto-pilot mode.

Who needs Life Coaching life coaching courses in Mumbai, Delhi, India?

Nobody and Everybody.
Yes, that’s the irony. How you would ask. Well, if you are happy with the current version of your life and more importantly if others around you are happy with current version of you (I mean you can be a very happy thug, but others won’t be so pleased with you), if you have clear defined goals and yo almost always achieve them, then life coaching courses isn’t for you. But if you wnat to find this life coaching and nlp training in delhi sadly, in today’s world things are other way round.

  • People feel “stuck” emotionally/professionally/personally.
  • They want to change their life for better but lack the methodologies to do so
  • Modern human being has developed powerful telescopes but lacks clarity when it comes to his own life.
  • We run great and huge organizations successfully but when it comes to our “personal and precious” relationships, fail miserably.

So if change is what you ae looking for, be it at any level, then Transhuman Consulting’s unique life coaching training courses in Mumbai or Delhi supported by Neuro-Linguistic programming is for you.

Life Coaching Course – Taking charge of your life

During the life coaching courses in Mumbai at Transhuman Consulting, you start becoming a better version of yourself from Day 1.

life coach training in Mumbai, India at Transhuman Consulting is a partnership between us and you, helping you articulate the life you desire and then inspiring and empowering you to achieve everything that you ever wanted.

put your existing but dormant inner resources at work, amplifying your life to whole new level and fast tracking the growth in all areas.

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