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Executive Coaching

Why do Executives need coaching?

AThe answer to this question is same to the “Why does anyone need coaching?”. It’s mainly because of either of the 2 scenarios.

  • They feel “stuck” in their present situation and can’t move forward.
  • They proactively want to inculcate a new habit or get rid of an old negative one, for self-improvement.

Executive Coaching caters to the above two issues at an organizational level. Executive coaching concentrates on helping professionals to move their organization from where it is, to where they want their organization to be.

Meeting stiff deadlines, achieving difficult sales targets, managing and then micro-managing the corporate affairs, all of this can leave an individual with little time to focus on their own areas of development. This relation between executive-level skills and the growth of an organization can be made better and stronger by way of Executive Coaching.

The process of Executive Coaching

In executive coaching facilitated by Neuro-Linguistic Programming approach, the coach kindles the client’s self-discovery by posing powerful questions. So during the process of coaching, the executive’s focus shifts from daily mundane tasks to their own learning curve and the areas where they can improve.

At Transhuman Consulting, the executive coaching starts with identifying the developmental issues in an executive that have started to create (or may create in future) bottlenecks for their organization. The next step is to create a “unique” training plan, keeping in mind the client’s needs. Our coaches have a strong understanding of individual differences in a work place and hence the ability to adapt their coaching style or strategies accordingly.

This exclusively designed coaching solution at Transhuman Consulting results in experiential learning for the executives (and not just theory based orthodox sessions) helping them to think on their feet and develop new approaches to challenging situations.


Executive Coaching helps to facilitate professional and personal development as well as individual growth leading to improved performance at work place and contentment in personal life.. It is suggested that those coaches who are unable to acknowledge these differences will do more harm than good.

Executive coaching will work towards achieving specific professional goals including (but not limited to) career transition, interpersonal and professional communication, performance management, organizational effectiveness, managing career and personal changes, developing executive presence, enhancing strategic thinking, dealing effectively with conflict, and building an effective team within an Organisation.

TransHuman Consulting has a panel of Certified and Experienced Executive Coaches who can help you realise your own potential and achieve the desired outcome

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