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Reinvent Your Life – 3 Days

Reinvent Your Life – 3 Days

Duration: 3 Days   |   09 Nov 2018 to 11 Nov 2018


Course Information

Reinvent Your Life – A Flagship Life Changing Program 

Discover how to re-invent and re-design your Life through a life altering program, created after years of research, an One-of a kind program by Paritosh Sharan.

The program help you break many of the myths / patterns of life and delivers everything in terms of structure, tools and techniques, guidance and support you need for creating a life you dream with Ease and Grace.

Do you think it would be a worth giving a chance to yourself to live a new life of your dream ?

Would you like to have more freedom, happiness, abundance, better relationship and happiness,  better relationships, excellent health and overall a purposeful life ?

Then congratulations! you search has brought you here, the very fact that you are visiting this page and reading this, means you have already made a the FIRST MOVE towards YOUR ULTIMATE LIFE.  

Most likely you are a kind of person who is determined to get what you want. and thats really great, since that makes you way ahead of many. But that may not be sufficient enough and you will discover that in a while … before that let me ask you few quick question questions 

How is your life going right now ?

Are you living your life the you way you want it to be ?

If you are among the most, chances are your answer is “NO” . And I know what actually happened to your aspiration of living a dream life. May be something stopped you, may be you found it very difficult, may be you found the change too ambitious and scary . And for some, you found it just impossible.  

If so then you are not alone, since most live a highly compromised, may me around 98 % . Each year people make a new resolution for self and most fail to live upto their commitment .

“Committing for a  new life” is Great First Step – but the journey has only begun

While most of the people have great adea about new life but making them a reality is the hard part of the journey. after all knowing and doing are two different thing.

So what is that different between those 2 % lucky people and rest 98 % ? 

And that’s precisely what is the “Difference that make the Difference” .

Would you like to be among those 2 % lucky people ? And if the answer is “YES”

…..then , Reinvent your Life Program (RYL Intensive) is for you 

 When you join this unique program, you’ll learn how to…

  • Know your WHY ? Why you should do what you want to do. One of the most fundamental reason people drop off on their journey.  
  • Become absolutely clear on WHAT  you want. This clarity both at conscious and more importantly at subconscious level is an absolute must, and its the biggest reason people don’t get what they want in life.
  • How to stay motivated with rock solid resolution to achieve your goal. 
  • Remove the cobweb of negative beliefs and release emotional baggage accumulated over years of conditioning right form the childhood period. 
  • How to build alignment between conscious  and subconscious mind for tapping unlimited power of mind.
  • Inculcate right behavioural attitude and practices with ease and grace using subconscious re-imprinting approach.You can apply proven practical techniques to Spot, Delete and Permanently Replace Self-destructive behavioural patterns buried in your mind with supremely positive ones, that run on an autopilot.
  • Using power of visualisation to manifest outcomes in life.
  • Skilled you, will be be able to develop YOUR OWN strategy and actions plans . 
  • Ongoing Coaching support to provide you all guidance in your journey 

In short, OBJECTIVE is NOT ONLY TO HELP YOU resolve your issues in life, but to help you GO BEYOND your current realities and CREATE A NEW WORLD you want for yourself and for others .

Workshop Methodology

  • Three full days of group workshop in classroom setting.
  • Highly Experiential and involve Group Activities in a group of two or more.
  • Uses Audio-Visual medium.


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