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Paritosh Sharan


Paritosh Sharan is an experienced and certified Executive & Life Coach, OD Consultant, Counsellor, a motivational Speaker , Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). To take forward his mission he Founded TransHuman Consulting , a company dedicated for the Transformation of the Individuals and Organisations together for a blissful tomorrow.

Paritosh is also a Business Partner of Praendex Management Resources Pvt. Ltd. a member firm of PI Worldwide, A leading Behaviour and Skills assessment and Analytics Company



5 Days of Classroom Workshop in most comfortable settings. Including Lunch and Tea / Coffee breaks.Complimentary Coaching Sessions (Two numbers), Unlimited informal support. comfortable settings. Including Lunch and Tea / Coffee breaks. Complimentary Coaching Sessions (Two numbers), Unlimited informal support.

Pre-study material that includes 15 audio CDs and two Video DVDs (unique offering), a complete home study guide. A comprehensive high quality NLP PractitionerWorkbook and Manual , that serves as nice companion for post-program reference as well.

Option to repeat/retake program Free of Cost (only food and venue charges applicable) anywhere in India

Certificates awarded are accredited by ANLP (India)

Complementary membership of ANLP (India)


Anyone who enjoys Personal and/or Professional Development, because NLP automatically equips us with tools to re-design / re-jig patterns of Behaviour and beliefs which serve us better.

It is a great discipline for development of any kind. NLP Concepts also helps leaders shaping and realigning the Organisational DNA and transform Employee-Employer relationships for a motivate individuals towards a common Goal.

  • Leaders – Latest research in the field of Neurosciences and its application in the area of Human Behaviour, is shaping the existing leadership Practices . It is helping Leaders in crafting well-formed outcomes and strategies to lead and inspire others.
  • HR Professionals / L&D Professionals – NLP is applicable in almost all areas of HR and L&D activities and its contribution is transforming the Individuals and Organisation together . It is one of the fastest growing adaptations by HR and L&D professionals community.
  • Executives /Sr. Managers / Managers – NLP is invaluable in team development and motivation. A powerful aid in negotiation, procurement and strategic Planning
  • Trainers / Facilitators – Learn to train at an unconscious and conscious level & match the learning needs & styles of your delegates.
  • Coaches – Create and maintain optimum performance and desired changes. NLP deepens the Coaching Skills. Today best of the Coaches worldwide are using NLP Techniques for all kind of Coaching, be it Executive, Leadership or Life Coaching.
  • Therapists / Counsellors / Medical Professionals – Enable your clients to take charge of and influence their desired states, move out of unhelpful patterns. NLP is becoming one of the most effective tool in dealing with PTSD , Depression , OCD, Phobias Relationship Issues and Parenting (Helps is ADHD, Autism etc.)
  • Parents– Learn art of parenting and also the subtle techniques to discover the the natural potential of the child and managing them the most efficient way. Manage self and the child and deal with their issues like a professional.
  • Communicators at all levels – NLP is extremely useful in mass communication and marketing campaigns. Probably there is no other richer body of knowledge affecting the Communication. Worlds TOP Motivation Speakers, Leaders and Evangelists are using NLP.

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Nothing will change, if you change nothing. Take the lead towards excellence and self-mastery with NLP, with TransHuman Consulting.