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Paritosh Sharan


Paritosh Sharan is an experienced and certified Executive & Life Coach, OD Consultant, Counsellor, a motivational Speaker , Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). To take forward his mission he Founded TransHuman Consulting , a company dedicated for the Transformation of the Individuals and Organisations together for a blissful tomorrow.

Paritosh is also a Business Partner of Praendex Management Resources Pvt. Ltd. a member firm of PI Worldwide, A leading Behaviour and Skills assessment and Analytics Company



Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  – An enhanced  experiential Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification programs Brough to you by Transhuman Consulting.

What a thought is to mind, is what feeling is to the body. Yet both has a strong co-relation when it comes to Human’s psychological and physical disposition in any given situation in any point in time. Our feelings in terms of emotions are the most fundamental driving force. Be it personal life or be it our professional workplace, our fundamental state of BEING decides our actions and hence our outcomes in life. And when it comes to state of BEING, Emotional Intelligence or the Emotional Quotient plays a very important role. 

In traditional terms managing could means suppressing or repressing emotions, which could have disastrous impact of the personal wellbeing and personal  effectiveness in life or work environment. While effectively dealing with emotions and channelising emotions can open up whole new world of opportunities. Arguably this could be one of the most important and critical success factor for an individual in life. 

The best part is that Emotional Intelligence can easily be developed and increased, and often measured as Emotional Quotient (EQ). You can take Emotional Quotient (EQ) Test 

TWO Days Emotional Intelligence workshop offered by Transhuman Consulting is conceptualised and designed based on the the latest developments and scientific research in the field of Neuroscience and Positive Psychology. Highly activity based and experiential workshop drawers form various bodies of knowledge and wisdom.

Key take aways from the program

  • Gain greater self awareness 
  • Understand and learn how to manage your emotional states
  • Deal effectively with difficult situations and difficult people
  • Take empowering decisions 
  • Better conflict handling abilities 
  • Improved physical and psychological wellbeing 
  • Better state control 
  • Enhanced empathy levels enabling better understanding and connect with others 
  • Greater level of appreciation for self and others , improved trust worthiness.
  • Improve interpersonal communication
  • Improved level of influence – Empathetic and Influential leadership development 



Practically anyone who enjoys Personal and/or Professional Development, want to make a difference in self and others ..

It is a great discipline for development of any kind. 

  • Leaders
  • HR Professionals / L&D Professionals 
  • Executives /Sr. Managers / Managers 
  • Trainers / Facilitators 
  • Coaches – 
  • Therapists / Counsellors / Medical Professionals 
  • Parents
  • Communicators at all levels 

Actual Fee : INR 22,000/- plus taxes (GST @ 18 %)
Special Launch Offer  : INR 15,000/- (GST@ 18 %)
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