Train The Trainer Certification - 3 Days
 /  Train The Trainer Certification - 3 Days

Train The Trainer Certification - 3 Days

Duration: 3 Days

Venue: Bangalore

Course Date: 17-11-2017 to 19-11-2017

Course Fees: Rs. 20000

Course Information

TransHuman Train The Trainer (TTT) Certification Programme - 3 Day Program

This Transhuman TTT seminar is designed to turn participants into top-notch trainer facilitator. TTT creates high level engagement, whether a participant is a shy, resistant, or just plain difficult, we know how to bring out their best. These skills can only be learned by doing and that’s exactly what happens at this seminar. Participants begin facilitating the sessions almost immediately.
Outstanding trainer demonstrates following abilities. TTT helps participants build these characteristics.

1. Present
2. Respond
3. Question & Listen
4. Coach
5, Build Relevance – fitting and suiting given requirement.
6. Interpersonal Skills

Practice above mentioned skills during TTT in small group and large group

We train participants through the exercises and helps them practice the skills they need to create a highly interactive learning environment. Along the way, students hone their power of observation to help perfect their own coaching techniques.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” 
― William Arthur Ward

Transhuman, Train The Trainer Certification Program is based on Systems Thinking approach (Wholistic) to develop Trainers and facilitators as Leaders, who inspire minds 

This Cutting Edge Program is Conceived and Designed based on the Latest research in the field the Human Learning and Development. A systems thinking approach integrating all aspects, with help participants learn the "Art and Sciences of Training and Facilitating". 

This 3 Day extensive and experiential workshop will be facilitated by Experts and Industry Leads only.

Target Audience :

Our Train the Trainer Program helps both experienced and novice trainers polish the skills they need to facilitate training that’s participative, fun, and has a lasting impact. The Program is suitable for the following audience
¥ Aspiring or Practicing Trainers and Facilitators
¥ Soft Skill Trainers 
¥ Motivational Speakers 
¥ Educator -Teachers and Faculty Members
¥ Coaches and Counsellors  

Program Outcome

In this Seminar, participants will learn how to:
¥ Understand Human Motivation for Learning and Development
¥ Create an open, inclusive and stimulating learning environment
¥ Develop participants to empower them and lead them to continuous improvement
¥ Learn to present ideas with clarity that inspires others
¥ Develop deepest level of rapport with audience and communicate in their listening.
¥ Plan and organize professional presentations and training programs
¥ Develop natural and relaxed communication style

Program Methodology
¥ 3 Days Extensive program in workshop setting
¥ Group and Individual Exercises
¥ Demonstration, Practice and on the spot feedback 

Post - Training Support :

"Training and Development" is an Art as well as Science . This is field where one must strive to develop themselves on continues basis. In recent times, there has been so much of research and development in the field of Learning thanks to the contribution of Neurosciences, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Ontology (science of being), and Developmental Psychology. What works best is the systems thinking approach to "Learning and Development" than piece meal approach . 
Transhuman constantly strive to enhance and enrich these programs to make use the latest understanding and research and provide the opportunities to the Trainers and Facilitator in keeping abreast with it . Hence we provide the participants the following support 

¥ Opportunity to participate and Practice their skills in periodical meets (Local Chapters) 
¥ Review and Retake the TTT and Upgrade programme in any city (Conditions apply) 
¥ Participate in the Assisting Programme (Internship and mentoring) 
¥ Coaching and Mentoring at preferential pricings 
¥ Financial benefit for upgrade Programme. 

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