Reinvent Your Life - 3 Days
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Reinvent Your Life - 3 Days

By Paritosh Sharan

09-11-2018 - 11-11-2018

Reinvent Your Life - 3 Days

Duration: 3 Days   |   09-11-2018 to 11-11-2018


Course Information

Reinvent Your Life - A Flagship Life Changing Program offered by Transhuman Consulting

This 3 Day Program has been designed using some of the most powerful behavioural change modalities such as NLP, (Neuro_Linguistic Programming), findings from latest research in the field of Neuro-Sciences, Process Work, Ontology and Oriental wisdom used for ages.

Now you can apply these proven practical techniques to Spot, Delete and Permanently Replace
Self-destructive behavioural patterns buried in your mind with supremely positive ones, that run on an autopilot. This will help you to take a giant leap in your ability to achieve your most coveted end results.


Objective is NOT ONLY TO Help people resolve their issues in life, but to help them GO BEYOND their current realities and CREATE A NEW WORLD they want for themselves and for others .

How does it work?

YES it is a definite possibility to fundamentally re-design and re-define your life script.


1. Become aware of your current Life Script - Building awareness about self in an objective manner, examining each symptoms carefully . In short its about acknowledging out current state.
2. Understand the process of Creation, who is writing my life script what I am experiencing , What are the factors which is shaping my perception of reality. Getting into the source of experiences, both at conscious and unconscious level . We are our behaviors 95-98 % Unconsciously.
3. Re-writing the Script , Building dinner alignment , getting in contact with inner Motivation. Removing unwanted Thoughts, Limiting Beliefs, releasing past memories and Trauma shaping and coloring our life . In short remaining your life with new colors you want.

Workshop Methodology

- Three full days of group workshop in classroom setting.
- Highly Experiential and involve Group Activities in a group of two or more.
- Uses Audio-Visual medium.

Investment Details

Total Investment: INR 18,000/- (All Inclusive, GST@ 18% )

Early Bird discounts:

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Who Should Attend This Programme?

Anyone who enjoys Personal and/or Professional Development, because NLP automatically equips us with tools to re-design / re-jig patterns of Behaviour and beliefs which serve us better.It is a great discipline for development of any kind.

HR Professionals / L&D Professionals
Executives /Sr. Managers / Managers
Teachers/ Trainers / Facilitators
Life and Executive Coaches
Therapists / Counsellors / Medical Professionals
Communicators at all levels

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