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Develop and support values-based Visionary Leadership in all fields of human endeavour. Offering courses in holistic development based on the Ageless Wisdom of East and West. Provide leadership training, consulting and coaching services based on Core Values and Clear Vision. Promote the application of Universal, Spiritual Values in business and personal life.

Paritosh Sharan


Paritosh Sharan is an experienced and certified Executive & Life Coach, OD Consultant, Counsellor, a motivational Speaker , Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). To take forward his mission he Founded TransHuman Consulting , a company dedicated for the Transformation of the Individuals and Organisations together for a blissful tomorrow.

Paritosh is also a Business Partner of Praendex Management Resources Pvt. Ltd. a member firm of PI Worldwide, A leading Behaviour and Skills assessment and Analytics Company



NLP Manual


8 eBooks


20 Audios


International ABNLP Certificate


LSS (Lifetime Support System)


Goal Setting and comprehensive assistance


1-1 Free coaching with Ashvin


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Nothing will change, if you change nothing. Take the lead towards excellence and self-mastery with NLP, with TransHuman Consulting.

The Gleneagles Hotel
NLP Practitioner Certification – 5 Days


24th to 28th November

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The Gleneagles Hotel
NLP Practitioner Certification – 5 Days


10th to 14th November

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The Gleneagles Hotel
Reinvent Your Life in 3 Days


09th to 11th November

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can NLP help me to improve my health?

Once you attend the NLP Practitioner, you are aware of many resources that you have and you would also be aware how to utilize them for betterment of your health, whereby you can improve your health in general. But if you are referring to a specific health issue, we must understand the “Issue” before we can help you with answer...please connect us at or call +91 99664 00373

Can I attend the NLP Practitioner Training again for revision?

Yes, you can attend the NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner Training again for absolutely free of cost, the only cost you pay is the actual food & beverage and establishment cost for the training.

Can we get any group discounts?

Yes, Please connect us at or call +91 99664 00373

How many days before the program does the registration close?

Generally we close the registrations 7 days prior to the actual training program day.

What Certification do you provide?

Atmabhan Academy is an approved NLP Training Institute from American Board of NLP, the largest certification body across the world. We provide the ABNLP Certification after completion of the training and passing the required test.

Do you have a follow up system?

Yes, we do have the strongest follow up system in the world post-training.Please refer: LSS


If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.