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Most often, challenging situation give rise to a host to Mental or Psychological issues such as Depression, Anxiety , Restlessness, Boredom , Mood Variations to extent that that it could lead to a clinical or serious health issues . Reason could be anything such as Finance, Relationship, Marriages, Career, Health or many other explicit or non-explicit aspects in life . A bulk of these issues can be handled with proper guidance and assistance its made available at right time .


..its just that, a puzzled mind can’t direct itself towards possible resolutions..

TransHuman Consulting provides Counselling and Life Coaching Services to individuals, couples or groups of individual through its Panel of highly skilled and trained Professional Consultants . We believe that, to a great extent the Psychological or behavioural issues can be taken care of through alternative modalities such as NLP, Energy healing (Such as Pranic Healing) , Hypnotherapy, Creative Visualisation etc. Not only it can help is dealing with Mental of Psychological issues but can also help in Physical and Emotional well-being .

You can reach out to us and discuss in total confidence with our highly trained and skilled Life Coaches and Counsellors who can provide you support and assistance . We can help you unleashing your potential , can help you in having apt perspectives toward the situation and can help you in taking quality choices and decisions in life .

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The bridge between the science of peak performance and its practical implementation into everyday results.

Paritosh Sharan is the Founder and CEO, TransHuman Consulting. An Executive & Life Coach, OD Consultant, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, Trainer and a Motivational Speaker. Conducted over 800 hours of executive coaching.

Paritosh is also a Hypnotherapist, Pranic Psychotherapist and a Landmark Graduate (Ontology)
For over 23 years, Paritosh has worked in strategic roles with giants like Tata steel, Satyam computers, Oracle, HCL technologies, Tech Mahindra etc. Though he successfully handled various functional roles across multiple disciplines, his underlying passion had ever been studying the science behind, why people do what they do. Having lived on this premise that each human being is at the source of all his experiences and outcomes in his or her life, he soon realized that transformation is not possible unless there is fundamental shift in the core of mind-body complex. Even after decades of focused studies into Neuro based research on Human Behaviors, Human Process work, Energy work, NLP and Hypnosis… he found a missing link between these highly complex mind concept and actual everyday implementation for people, who are busy in their own personal and profession life. With this spirit to help people to bring real meaningful changes in their life.

Paritosh started, TransHuman Consulting. And systematically put his industry wide experience and practical knowledge of human science, to design some unique professional programs around individual development. He, now travel across the country as a senior guest speaker, trainer and consultant. He has conducted several highly successful NLP programs. People find Paritosh’s Program highly experiential and transformative.

Depending on the your requirement and convenience Counselling and Coaching can be provided through various means such as

  • Face to face Meeting
  • Over Phone
  • Over Video call using medium such as Skype.

All appointments and discussion would be kept absolutely confidential.