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Reasons Vs Choice

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It's so interesting to observe how unconscious mind resist any life Transformative Initiative by making REASONS so powerful and significant that they start appearing absolute reality even before they have actually manifested in time and space.

If we become observant about the very process, we will realise in no time, how beautifully and powerfully we actually manifest those fears, hurdles and REASONS in our life, by giving them significance and by creating elaborate plans to deal with. After all Plan B succeeds over Plan A most of the time, because of heavy investment in terms of Time, Money and Energy on Plan B.

By becoming aware and conscious of the unconscious play of mind, we can use the same process and power of mind to dismantle those REASONS and actually start creating a life we want to live. Transformation begins only when we become ready to go beyond our comforts. Instead of giving significance to our REASONS we can choose to embrace the path of Transformation. You are saved from investing your time, Money and Energy on those REASONS (Plan B in life) because they no longer exist for you to deal with.
All it takes is to take a decision in favour of Transformation and work backward to make it happen. The end result , REASONS start disappearing and Life Transformation begins even before the kick off of the Real Initiative

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