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Assessment Center

Why Assessment center?

Hiring or promoting an executive into a new role or more senior-level role requires great care and careful consideration of capabilities, attributes, experiences, and fit. Complexity of executive roles has, and will, continue to increase dramatically. With so much at stake, it is critically important to know as much as possible about candidates, regardless of whether the situation involves selection or longer-term succession. For individual participants, receiving specific, in-depth feedback is vital to their development and leadership readiness. The assessment center approach offers the kind of comprehensive evaluation required for executive-level roles, with assessment platforms ranging from mid-level to CEO-level role requirements.

TransHuman Consulting provides Assessment Center Services based on some the advanced Tools in combination with methodologies specifically suitable to the organisations requirement and purpose.

Key features of our Approach

Analysis of individuals in the context of working environment. (Self, Self-concept and Synthesis )
In-built approach to minimize Individual biases of Assessors.

Analysis uses the actual behavioral need of the role (optimized and validated during pre-assessment stage), making this exercise very objective to the context.

Group analysis for validation and calibration for most accurate representation, linked with the performance of individual and groups. This ensure accurate correlation with the performance criteria of the Organization.

Whole approach can be tailored based on organization’s requirement. If needed other modalities can be also be included for a comprehensive Assessment exercise.