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TransHuman Consulting is an upcoming name in the field of Transformative Interventions both for an individual as well as for the organisations. The Holistic and Humanistic approach is fundamental to everything that we do. We believe that transformation of an organisation is only possible through transformation of individuals, leaders and its stakeholders. It is by unleashing the hidden potential of individuals only, that we can truly unleash the possibilities of an organisation. Almost all our interventions, be it, Personal Growth Initiative, Leadership Development, Coaching or OD Intervention, executive coaching starts with an explorative inward journey, building inner alignment and congruency to achieve the desired outcome outside.

Our Purpose

Develop and support values-based Visionary Leadership in all fields of human endeavour. Offering courses in holistic development based on the Ageless Wisdom of East and West. Provide leadership training, consulting and coaching services based on Core Values and Clear Vision. Promote the application of Universal, Spiritual Values in business and personal life.


To establish TransHuman Consulting as one of the most trusted partners in the transformational journey of an individual and organisations worldwide.


Transforming life through enabling.


Integrity and Trust: Being able to “Walk the Talk” and deliver what is committed all the time to earn the unflinching trust, faith and goodwill of the client Transparency: Being open, frank and transparent in every interaction and transaction with the client Courage: Have courage to speak truth and be truthful to the client all the times Customer Delight: Being passionate about exceeding the expectations of our client in every interface / transaction and deliver more than the promised Excellence: Strive for excellence in everything what we do to enable our clients.

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